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  • Indianapolis Home Health and Hospice Specialist Talks Fall Prevention

    September 21, 2016 | Blog
  • Did you know falls account for 87% of all fractures among people over the age of 65? Moreover, falls are the second leading cause of spinal cord and brain injury, and half of all elderly adults (over the age of 65) hospitalized for hip fractures have trouble living independently after the fracture? With statistics like that you can see why fall prevention is so important to Indianapolis home health and hospice specialists.

    Paradigm Living Concepts, Indianapolis’ Home Health and Hospice Specialist, Talks Fall Prevention

    September is national fall prevention month. The 9th annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day is September 22, 2016. This year’s theme is Ready, Steady, Balance: Prevent Falls in 2016. The Paradigm Living Concepts team, Indianapolis’ home health and hospice specialist, knows most falls are preventable and wants to help all of Central Indiana reduce their fall risk.

    Falls can happen at any age and for a number of reasons, but the risk of falling does increase with age. Additionally, as you age, it becomes harder to recover and falls become more dangerous to your overall health. What are common risks for falling?

    Risks that may make falls more likely:

    • Weakened bone and/or muscle, especially if dealing with osteoporosis
    • Vision or hearing problems
    • Balance issues
    • Alcohol
    • Prescription medications that affect balance and coordination
    • Unsafe environments

    Did you know you can proactively make your environment, both inside and outside, safer and reduce your risk for falls? By making simple changes in your daily life, fall risks can be greatly reduced.

    Helpful tips for fall prevention:

    • Add nightlights to your home
    • Keep floors free of clutter
    • Add sturdy handrails to stairwells
    • Add a grab bar near tubs, showers and toilets
    • Gripper bath mats in tubs and showers
    • Keep frequently used items in cabinets that are easily reached
    • Wear appropriate shoes with support and non-slip soles
    • Add stability with a cane or walker
    • Be aware of polished, slippery or wet floors
    • Check curb height before stepping down

    For further information on preventing falls and to view the 6 Steps to Prevent a Fall video from the National Council on Aging, click here.