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  • Winter Tips for Seniors

    Winter is a dangerous season for seniors. They are more vulnerable to the extreme cold. It can be isolating when weather makes it difficult to get around. Additionally, it is the season of influenza and the freezing weather increases fall risks. Senior well-being is important to the Paradigm Living Concepts team, especially during these chilly months. Check out our top ten tips to keep seniors [...]

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    Stacy Plain | Caregiver Award

    Each year Leppert Mortuary and Crown Hill gather for the Caregiver of the Year Awards Dinner Banquet to celebrate local unsung caregiver heroes. Our very own Stacy Plain, a home health aide with Paradigm Living Concepts, was recognized and received the Caregiver Award for January 2016. Stacy is consistently recognized by patients, patient families and fellow team members for her outstanding care[...]

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