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  • Meet Speech Therapist Matt Jones | Paradigm Living Concepts

    January 25, 2017 | Blog
  • Speech therapy is necessary when it comes to Parkinson’s disease, a brain injury, a stroke or even a fall, but also underlying medical conditions can affect speech. As voices age, they may need voice therapy and more appropriate ways to use their voice.

    Speech therapists can address helping patients focus on tasks, memory, reasoning, problem solving, executive functioning such as goal-setting, planning, self-awareness, self-monitoring and improving cognitive function.

    What Can Speech Therapy Help With?

    • Apraxia– Common after a stroke. Symptoms include using words out of order or even having trouble moving their lips correctly to form the words.
    • Aphasia-a communication disorder in which patients have trouble finding the right word for their thoughts, or their speech is halting or unclear. Often common after a stroke.
    • Dysphagia– problems swallowing.
    • Dysarthria– A motor speech disorder. Symptoms include a slow rate of speech, or speech that sounds mumbled, slurred, or hard to understand.
    • Dementia– loss of memory, judgment, language, complex motor skills, and other intellectual function.

    Meet Speech Therapist Matt Jones

    Matt Jones has been a speech-language therapist for 4 years. He graduated from Ball State where he received his Masters and Bachelors in Speech-Language Pathology. Following graduation, he worked at Burris Laboratory School with grades K-12 as a speech therapist. He then transitioned to Promise Road Elementary School in Noblesville, working with grades K-5 and the occasional preschooler, and part-time speech therapy work with Paradigm Living Concepts.

    We are thrilled to now have Matt full-time with Paradigm! He is talented at his craft and ever so compassionate with our clients. He loves interacting with our patients and seeing the awesome progress that they make. A Fishers resident, Matt is active in his community and currently coaches basketball at Cathedral High School as well.

    When asked his very favorite thing about his career with Paradigm, Matt said without question the family-oriented atmosphere. He noted that it starts with President Jeff Jarecki and goes down across the whole organization. He also noted at Paradigm everyone is out there for the good of the patient.


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